Här får ni läsa om min resa som utbytesstudent i staden Smithers, British Columbia i Kanada. Följ mig på det stora äventyret och läs om tankar, känslor och historier under mitt utbytesår 2014-2015!

Day Twohundredfifty

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I outfoor education kursen jag går i har vi just nu 'peer teaching' vilket innebär att vi läser på om ett bestämt ämne och gör upp läroplaner och sedan undervisar vi varandra. Jag jobbade med Tim och vi lärde ut om Avalanche Awareness / Lavin Medvetenhet. Vi pratade om vad laviner är och hur man undviker dem samt hur man räddar någon som blivit begravd av en lavin. Det var rättså kul, men Tim fick sköta större delen av teorin då han är från Österrike och därmed har gått massor av säkerhetskurser och har det i blodet!

Den här veckan var det en annan grupps tur, och vi har fått utöva bågskytte hela veckan, jag tyckte det var kul, bortsett från det blåsiga kalla vädret, det blir nog aldrig sommar här!

Tim haha, in position 'bows on toes'
Jag leker Katniss Everdeen.
Vår lärare KP kastar en fluflu och alla försöker träffa den. En av dem prickade!

Idag sköt vi på djur! Jag sköt en björn mellan benen, på benet och på rumpan, inte någe vidare skyttetalang får jag medge.

Imorgon (torsdag) drar jag och en liten grupp modiga människor iväg och bestiger Silver King berget i tre dagar och kommer hem på lördag. Min stora backpack är packad och kameran får hänga med också. Vi hörs när jag kommer tillbaka!

Day Twohundredfourtyseven

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Jag och tjejerna när vi väntade på resten av våra vänner för att äta ute och se på bio!

Jag och Majo tog en tur ner till sjön Lake Kathlyn som ligger ca 1 km från huset. Min andra promenad med Diesel för dagen!
Jag spelade låten "Hanging Tree" från filmen The Mockingjay och Majo gjorde något sorts live-framträdande haha, Diesel ser lite undrande ut...

Plötsligt fick vi syn på en sjöutter !

I fredags spelade vi biljard inne i filmuthyrningsaffären, spontant men roligt!

Och idag hade vi en stor våffelfrukost med bär och bacon. Sen åkte jag med Jessica, Brian, Devin och Cameron till Telkwa och åkte razor i 4 timmar, wihooo! Har inga bilder från det dock.

Day Twohundredfourtysix

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Many of you are eager to hear about my Spring Break, and since I haven't done any posts in English so far from my exchange year I'd like to begin this blog-post by thanking my beloved host parents Ted and René for taking me and Majo on this road trip through half of British Columbia and I shall write all about it in English!
April 2nd. The four of us left Smithers and started our journey towards the south of B.C. We listened to music and I took loads of photos - In total i took over 1200 pictures during the trip, although after some serious clearence the amount has decreased. Some of the towns we passed along the highway were; Houston, Endako, William's Lake, Lac La Hashe, Tsawwassen and others. My favorite quote of the day was when we passed through one of the smaller villages and Ted shouts out to Majo and me "Don't blick, you'll miss it!"
I was so busy taking photos of everything we passed by. We went through such a variety of scenery; from naked early spring with pine trees in Smithers to dessert and tumble weed in the canyons and where we finally checked in at the hotel in Chillawak where it was almost summer with blackberry bushes along the highway and blossoms on the cherry trees. The drive took 12 hours!
Above is two pictures from William's Lake. This is the sight where they build real loghouses. It is also quite special because this specific spot is where they record the tv-show Timber Kings that we watch sometimes.
I discovered that I accidentally snapped a photo of this mammot in the ditch when I actually was taking a picture of the colorful wall.
April 3rd. We drove through beautiful Langley and Abbotsford. There is a huge difference between where I have spent my 8 months and these suburbs, most of B.C.´s taxes must have been spent on taking care of every patch of grass, there were flowers everywhere! And I'm telling you the truth when I say that blackberry bushes grow in every ditch.
Then it was time to take the ferry boat over to the Vancouver Islands. We had a big meal and went through the little mall before boarding. René made us try Bubble Tea, really good! One and a half hour later, the truck took us to home to Renés brother and his wife where we spent the afternoon. Their neighborhood was super fancy! Later on we drove to one of Nancy's daughters to settled down for the next three nights.
April 4th. We visited Victoria, the catpital of B.C.! We spent the morning in the Royal British Columbia Museum, looking at exhibits of spectacular photos in a photo contest, crazy-good entries! Then we walked through an exhibit of all First Nations history and white-settler's history. We had lunch at Old Spaghetti Factory, I ordered some red thai curry sause and spaghetti - Holy Hannah!
In the afternoon we drove through the really fancy and luxurious parts of Victoria - I mean sick! I wish I had time to take pictures of every single house we passed. Then walked on the water wall which is a pier, it was a little cold and windy but I really enjoyed it. The evening was spent with some shopping at Walmart and supper at Starbucks. 
From the wall we saw Bellingham, U.S.A. 
Every garden had these fantastic rose bushes, I've never seen anything like it!
April 5th. We went to Duncan's Christian Reformed Church on Sunday, it was quite different from the one in Smithers, other songs and no songs in between the minister's message. After that we went to Nancy's son and his family for lunch and easter-egg hunting! We made a fire in their yard and had a picknick. I became good friends with their children and we played and had fun! I had an awesome afternoon. In the evening we visted René's friend in Duncan.
The kids wanted us to join them in the hunt, game-on!
Kvack kvack!
April 6th. We took a moment to walk around in the Gold Stream park, I was in heaven! On the ferry back to the main land we ate at the buffet (or as Ted would say smorgasbord which is used more here in Canada than in Sweden where that word originates from).  Closer to Vancouver we payed a visit to dear IKEA! I bought a gift for the future baby of my host brother and some lovley flädersaft/elderberry lemonade for my family to try.
In the afternoon we finally reached Vanocuver and checked in at the hotell! Soon after that we were ready to hit the Rogers Arena to see Vancouver Canucks play against LA Kings. It was so exciting! First we all bought some Canucks fan gear at the Team Shop and the the game began. I had a blast! It was a tie, 1-1. Then they played shootouts and we won in the final round! Oh how we screamed! I think we were up on the big screen for a moment too!
Oh YES, we feel a bit Swedish today!
At the hotel, Majo felt like...
But I felt more like...!
The view from our hotel room.
The Swedish Sedin brothers.
Happy happy!
Singing the States National Anthem and "O Canada"!
We are to cool for school!
Canucks killer whale mascot Fin after we the win!
What a lovely group of happy campers!
April 7th. Shopping day! I only bought one pair of earrings, but we did some sightseeing in Gas Town, and had lunch up in the spinning tower with a fantastic view over the city! We took a power nap before we decided to find a place to eat supper. We couldn't find anything good so we walked around for quite some time.
At dawn we decided to find Original Joe's which we had to take the subway to get at. The problem was that we went the wrong direction or to far, so we had to walk for about 5 km through the deserted areas. We were sooo hungry when we finally found it, we blamed it all on René and laughed so hard when Majo and she complained all the time. The supper was deliciuos! I ordered hummus with naan bread for appertizers, oh man!
René showed us the steam clock i Gas Town. Every hour and half hour it plays a melody with steam coming out from the top of it. Really cool!
April 8th-11th. We left Vancouver and took the highway through Coquihalla, beautiful! All these days we spent in Vernon, Okanagan at my host brother's house. It was great weather, 18+ but we spent most of the time shopping in both Vernon and Kelowna. We went to the Bee Planet, a place where they make honey and talk about bees, I learnt a lot!
April 12th. Time to go home, sadly. Guess if I was tired!? But the trip home held me busy taking photos again because we drove through the Rockie Mountains! Sooo cool, and snowy and cold! On the way home we saw 3 moose, 16 deer and 11 elk!
Here is an old avalanche!
All that blue ice is a clean glacier!
This monster viechle is what you go on if you want to sightsee on the glaciers. It was closed at the time so we didn't do it.
Toilette break! Majo and I made sure we marked our territory by writing "The exchange students from Ecuador and Sweden were here April 2015".
Passing by beautiful Jasper to fill up some diesel and found 11 elk eating on the side of the road by the train tracks.
On the way home from Prince George we saw three funny clouds. To the left we have a big salmon, in the middle a pinguin and on the right little Lacy!
Happy camper!!
All I bought during the Road Trip!

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