Här får ni läsa om min resa som utbytesstudent i staden Smithers, British Columbia i Kanada. Följ mig på det stora äventyret och läs om tankar, känslor och historier under mitt utbytesår 2014-2015!

Day One hundred sixty eight

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Här kommer en kort uppsats om mitt kära Sverige som jag skrev i Engelska 11-kursen. Uppsatsen var en del av "The Culture Book - funny edition" och jag skrev om mitt land medan mina kompisar skrev om sina länder och kulturer; Italien, Tyskland, Kanada och Ecuador. Och eftersom det är ett arbete härbortifrån så är det såklart på engelska, läs och ha kul!
Here is a short essay about my beloved Sweden which I wrote in the class of English 11. This essay was a part of "The Culture Handbook - funny edition", as I wrote about my country and my classmates wrote about theirs'; Italy, Germany, Canada and Ecuador. Lucky you Canadians because this piece of work is in English so that you can read, and enjoy!

Sverige (Sweden)

Sweden lays in the northern of Europe, and is a part of what is also called Scandinavia. We have cold winters and warm summers. With flat land and leave forests in the south and mountains and pine trees in the north all types of weathers except the most extreme occurs.


If you ever visit Sweden in your lifetime, for the sake of finding a beautiful and sexy girlfriend (which you probably will) these are 2 pick-up lines that will make the girls fall like leaves a sunny autumn day:
“Tjena kexet, står du här och smular?”which means:
“Howdy biscuit, do you stand here and crumble?”
Or …
“Jag begär inte att du ska falla för mig, men du kan väl åtminstone snubbla lite?”
”I am not asking you to fall for me, but you may well at least stumble a bit?” practice them and you’ll be good to go!


What Sweden is most proud of, for having produced, but that nobody outside of our country actually know we have made are:
Skype, Spotify (which Canada doesn't have), IKEA, Husqvarna, Vikings, SAAB,  Pippi Longstocking, H&M, The Pirate Bay, VOLVO, Avicii, Meatballs, ABBA, the Nobel Prize, smorgasbord, ABSOLUT VODKA, Zlatan, Candy Canes and much more!


Other countries sees us Swedes as tall, braided, blonde and blue-eyed, anti-social, liberal greenpeacers who has no emotions.
Swedes see themselves as equal-striving, private, spiritually empty liberals who keep our distance, likes to recycle and loves to ‘fika’ (a verb for having coffee, tea or lemonade, often also including buns or biscuits with friends and family).
Of course these are all generalized descriptions, but yes, usually we follow the stereotype of being tall blonde and sexy, riding on polar bears – with no clothes at all!


In our long, and not so wide, country there are two traditions you won’t find anywhere else:

The first one is Midsummer, which is celebrated on the longest day of summer during the summer solstice. People come together and dance and sing around a tall pole dressed in leaves and flowers. In the past, people dressed up in the traditional clothing specific to each province.
Nowadays only the people who know how to dance ballroom dancing is dressed in such. But we still dress nicely and women - young as old - wear crowns of flowers on their heads. At midnight, it is said that all unmarried girls should go outside and find 7 different flowers and put them under her pillow. When that is done she will dream about her future husband.


The second one is the celebrating of Lucia that occurs the 13th of December.
Before I explain it I will clarify that it is not a celebration of Harry Potter and Klu Klux Klan joined together, neither is it mentioned in the Bible even if it’s celebrated during Christmas times which is the misunderstood reaction of the following:
Lucia is a tradition when young people dress up in white long dresses, girls traditionally with glitter around their waist, in their hair and a candle in their hands. Boys with a white cone on his head and a wand in his hand with a star on its tip. They go in what’s called a Lucia-train, a line two-by-two, singing Christmas songs and songs about Lucia.
Of course the train is led by Lucia herself. Lucia is voted to be so by other people. She is also dressed in a white garb, but she has a red silken rope around her waist, and on her head she wears a crown with leaves and candles and her hands are put together like in a catholic prayer.
Lucia is celebrated in day-care and throughout all grades of school. In the younger ages even gingerbread men and little Santas can join the train, and because we are striving for equality now all genders and skin colors can play any roles in the Lucia celebration.


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